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Unveiling the entrepreneurial journey of Neelam Jaiswar.

Neelam Omprakash Jaiswar: I believe it is all destiny-driven. It was always not that I wanted to be an entrepreneur or something like that. I’d give the credit to my business partner for what I’m today. He believed in me more than I did.

Ramesh Sharma founded this company in 2009. I joined him in this business at a later date in January 2015.

Doing business changes, you in ways you did know before. Being the Co-Founder of my company, I learned a lot about how to do things and further how not to do certain things. The journey of an entrepreneur is one of a kind. There came across many challenges on my way. But in the end, I learned how to tackle and overcome them.

In my family, I'm the Only Lady Entrepreneur and that is also in a male-dominated field. But with my partner and founder of this venture, I have what I am today. We believe that focus and dedication always pay eventually.

A few things I’m happy I have achieved is that one of our projects was published in the Mid-day newspaper & Trends Magazine, have done 2 lacs sqft of project management, and that was completed in 6 months. Besides I also have done 25000 sqft complete office interior design and completed that in 6 months.

We are a turnkey interior contractor and provide all kinds of services related to the same.

And all through the journey, I have come to realize that consistency is what transforms average into excellence. You never know how your hard work will pay off, but you should keep on trying. It is our struggles that make us who we are.


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