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UntitAdvaita 2024: ERAYA Unleashes a Spectacular Celebration of Talent and Entertainment at SIES College, NERULled

Advaita celebrations galore!!

Advaita :The departmental fest of bcom, baf, bbi and bfm streams in SIES COLLEGE ,NERUL ,commerce stream was celebrated at a huge stature on 13th february 2024.

The theme this year was ERAYA:FORTUNE FAVOURS THE BRAVE with a resplendent symbol and logo as always.

Inauguration-The event commenced at 9 AM with the welcome speech, followed by the lighting of the lamp and two dancers showcased their exquisite talent by performing bharatnatyam for the onlookers.

Events-The excitement for the event knew no bounds as the audience was engrossed in multitude of activities. Some of the renowned activities were treasure hunt, uno fiesta, marketing wizards, jhatka junction etc which made everyone vivacious and the winners got prize money and free tickets to wet and joy as wet n joy was the sponsor of the event.

Concert-Finally at 3 PM, some of the really consummated dignitaries showcased their mellifluous voices followed by a personality mimicking all the advertisements and bringing a sense of nostalgia in everyone.

By evening, two rappers sumit and pyscho performed their 30 mins set with their raps and set the stage for the main act. Their raps got people hyped up and vibing on their songs.

Finally the time had come, the weather was fulvous, vibe was created, audience was ready and the stage set. There entered, shivam , the main act of the day. For the next 2 hours, everyone was mesmerized and lost in the voice of shivam chowhan who was really versatile and went from singing a melancholic song to a vibey song to a feel good song. He even went on to beatbox as his manager freestyled on it. The event went on to 9:00 PM.

When finally the singer signed off and after the final chant by the core team the event was concluded.

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