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Tushar Motwani - Fruture Studio| The Entrepreneurs of India June 2024 Magazine Edition 16

Fruture Studio, co-founded by Tushar Motwani and Manish Naik, is a creative force in branding, marketing, and digital strategy. It took birth during the Covid Era when most were stuck in their homes. The Modern-Approach agency has evolved from a remote operation to a vibrant hybrid model, completing over 200 projects in branding, website development, social media, and SEO. 

Tushar, who founded the Bombay Running community, has collaborated with brands like Nike and Red Bull. With expertise in branding, marketing, business strategies, digital technology, and customer experience, he is an alumnus of the University of Colorado, Boulder. Manish, on the other hand, who is a brand-building expert with a passion for design, has worked in diverse industries since 2008. Despite a degree in Computer Science, his interest in design led him to study Graphics, Animation, and VFX, making him a crucial part of Fruture Studio's creative team.

Both, Tushar and Manish stress the importance of building a high-value business from the start, focusing on big brands and corporate collaborations. They highlight the necessity of protecting time and ensuring sustainable cash flow. Entrepreneurs often overextend themselves, but strategic delegation and investing in tools for non-core functions like HR and operations allow them to focus on core tasks. Their families have been pivotal, providing support and balance. Balancing work with family life, especially with young children, is challenging, but carving out dedicated, undistracted time is crucial for personal well-being and long-term success.

Fruture Studio was well-resourced at the start but faced challenges in building a diverse portfolio, attracting high-value clients, recruiting talent, and managing cash flow. They overcame these by expanding their network, fostering a positive culture, and maintaining an updated portfolio. 

Adopting a hybrid work model, integrating remote flexibility with in-person creative sessions, has been transformative. Tools like Google Workspace, Basecamp, and Zoho have fostered a culture of collaborative excellence, prioritizing creativity, adaptability, and community.

Fruture Studio is dedicated to building and amplifying brands. Driven by curiosity and intent, the agency shapes big ideas and creates impactful results. The branding and marketing industry is unique for its accessibility and pricing discrepancies. Standing out requires continuous updates and appropriate pricing. Emphasizing people over technology is crucial in this field. The Entrepreneur-Duo, advises aspiring entrepreneurs to choose something they are passionate about and can turn into a sustainable business. This passion, combined with strategic execution and curiosity, is key to success. 

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