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To become the best teacher- simplify and infuse education with genuine fun...

Ashu Ghai is a name associated in India with inspiration and dedicated to transforming the educational experience for young minds. Ashu has carved a niche for himself through his company and YouTube channel Science and Fun, boasting an impressive 6 million subscribers. His journey unfolds as a testament to his unwavering commitment to instilling a love for science in the hearts of students, transcending the traditional boundaries of teaching.

Early curiosity sparked a lifelong passion. Ashu’s journey into the world of science began in the 8th grade, ignited by a fascination with electricity. Opening up electronic devices and unraveling the mysteries within became a gateway to a profound understanding of the world. His curiosity not only fueled his personal knowledge but also sowed the seeds for a lifelong devotion to science education.

What sets him apart is not just his passion for science but his ability to impart knowledge in an engaging and entertaining manner. Recognizing the lack of joy in science education during his own schooling, he embarked on a mission to change the narrative. Inspired by the teaching methods of MIT professor Mr. Walter Luin, he launched "Science and Fun" on YouTube, vowing to make science education enjoyable and accessible.

Ashu’s exceptional talent lies in his fun and interactive approach to explaining scientific concepts. His realization that science is inherently enjoyable has driven him to break down complex topics into engaging lessons. Despite the challenges, such as non-smoker-friendly experiments, his dedication shines through, exemplifying the lengths he goes to make learning a delightful experience.

Behind every successful individual is a supportive family, and he is no exception. With his brother, Mr. Ushank Ghai, managing business-related activities, including brand deals and finances, he can focus wholeheartedly on his true passion – teaching. His parents, wife, and children contribute to a familial support system that fuels his success.

Despite achieving remarkable success, he remains true to his identity as an educator. Devoting 10-12 hours a day to teaching, his goal is set on reaching 10 million students. Breaking records with live teaching sessions for over 45,000 students, his future plans are deeply rooted in expanding the reach of science education.

His advice to students is profound – understanding subjects is key to cultivating interest and continuous improvement. He encourages students to observe the subjects around them, fostering a holistic approach to learning. For teachers, his message is clear: simplify and infuse education with genuine fun to add real value to students' lives.

Through his widely acclaimed YouTube channel, "Science and Fun," which boasts nearly 6 million subscribers, he has successfully made science education not only accessible but also enjoyable for a diverse audience. Breaking away from conventional teaching methods, he has pioneered a fun and interactive approach to explaining scientific concepts, sparking a renewed interest in the subject.

Ashu personally engages with students through live teaching sessions, setting a record by reaching over 45,000 students. His commitment to making science interesting and relatable has not only inspired a generation of learners but has also positioned him as a key influencer in shaping the future of science education in India. In a country where education plays a pivotal role in societal progress, his efforts stand as a testament to the transformative power of innovative teaching methods, making him a trailblazer in the field and a source of inspiration for aspiring educators nationwide.

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