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The Success story of Nainish Samir Nandola on how he Transformed JCPL with Vision, Innovation, and Ethics...

Nainish Samir Nandola: Steering Jay Coatings Private Limited success has been a journey marked by vision, robust processes, and unwavering ethics. My biggest challenge has always been managing blue-collar staff and setting systems in place. Many contractors rely on traditional, often disorganized methods, but I wanted to stand out. By establishing comprehensive systems and processes, I transformed JCPL into a smoothly running operation, setting new industry standards.

My entrepreneurial inspiration traces back to my childhood, watching my father tirelessly manage his factory. Visiting buildings where our paints were used amazed me. My mother made it clear – I wouldn't just inherit my father's chair; I had to earn it. In 2014, realizing my father couldn't handle everything alone, I stepped in, embarking on this incredible journey.

Starting in 2014, I faced immediate challenges, particularly in sales recovery. I worked tirelessly, including Sundays dedicated to accounts. Within four months, we turned things around, thanks to our newly implemented systems and processes. My love for organization became JCPL's backbone.

Then, in 2016, we tackled our largest project to date, spanning until 2020. It offered a wealth of learning – from technical aspects to corporate dealings. By 2024, JCPL had completed projects covering over 55-60 lakh square feet, with ambitious plans for expansion.

Entrepreneurship has taught me invaluable lessons. Sometimes, short-term sacrifices are necessary for long-term goals. Hard work must be paired with smart strategies. Delegation is crucial; growth requires stepping back from daily operations. Above all, ethics are non-negotiable – they are the bedrock of sustained success.

One of my notable achievements is completing a 25 lakh square feet project single-handedly. Securing multiple projects through conduct and professionalism, I transformed the painting industry with organized, systematic approaches.

The paint industry is an evergreen market, full of endless opportunities. With JCPL poised for global expansion, the potential is immense. Whenever the national anthem plays, I hold my head high, proud of our contribution to India's growth. When everyone takes pride in their work, that's the unstoppable India I envision.

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