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The Inspiring Women Story Of Saee Rahul Mhaske.

Saee Rahul Mhaske: “I saw my parents’ brand, their brainchild, develop into what it has become today. It had always been on my mind to contribute to the legacy of the brand in some way or another and grow it further.

To start working towards my goals in business, I began my entrepreneurship learning curve by pursuing BBA. My first step into the family business was looking after the day-to-day operations and public relations. After more than 7 years, I started looking after our company’s B2B Sales and worked on marketing with caterers, 5 Star hotels, banquets, and export clients. Our business, Corn Club, is now Pune’s well-known, 22-year-old sweet corn-based restaurant. We have doorstep delivery of our frozen products available from our e-commerce website with a wide range of products available on offer all year round. People can connect with our business through our website or through our social media accounts on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook. Our outlet serves more than 15 types of dishes incorporating sweet corn and we also export high-quality sweet corn products.

The biggest challenge I faced was the loss of my grandfather and our company's founding father. He was my guiding light and along with my parents always provided guidance about life in general and business prospects and improvements we could execute in the near future. As a family, we tackled these challenges and overcame them.

Post-Lockdown, when restaurants were opening up with restrictions, I insisted upon opening up Corn Club with whatever resources we had available at that time. With just one available staff member, I and my younger sister decided we won't budge to the challenges, even if it meant cleaning and fumigating the entire store on our own. It was a very unique experience that taught us to take on difficult situations like challenges. With immense guidance and blessings from my parents and grandparents, I was able to revive the entire business when half of the city’s restaurants had shut down. That is something that motivated me throughout my journey of entrepreneurship.

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Arjun Jani
Arjun Jani
11 nov. 2021

Super Inspiring!

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