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The inspiring story of Mr. Aditya Narain from ADJ News

Aditya Narain: Despite growing up in a struggling middle-class family, I’ve always seen myself thinking big and achieving big. Barriers like Middle-class Mindset, Financial Issues, lack of resources, etc could not stop me from thinking high, I knew that one day, I will live the miracle.

That one day, I will show the world who I am. My Childhood was a struggle. Due to family issues, my father had lost almost everything and we had to bounce back from the scratch. When you think big, you’ll mostly think about doing a business. The same was with my father, he started a Pharma Company in 2009, and he took it to a next level. His business helped us get off the ground. I had been supporting my father since I was 9 but when I finished my education, it was my time to perform. I being a 2nd generation entrepreneur, I was an ambitious and energetic as my father. I started taking international projects, I would take website development, real estate, and data collection. Later, I, along with my family, founded ADJ Narain Group. I handled all business empires and expending their legacy towards the nation. Under ADJ Naran Group we undertake services like - News channel, FMCG, clothes & women accessories, I.T., cloud kitchen & real estate. As an entrepreneur, I’d face challenges almost every day but I look at the positive side of it and face all the challenges. There were times when I trusted the wrong people and suffered losses but something that I had learned from my father is to never give up. That’s why today, I’ve won several awards and recognitions such as ADJ Narain Group is nominated as India 5000 best MSME Awards, again in 2020, I was Nominated as India 500 MSME CEO in 2020, At an early age, I won many trophies and certificates for debates and strategy, I also won 1st prize in 2009 by Geeta Parivar for Sanskar Sajan. I wish to grow my company multi-folds and I wish to see my names in the Forbes 40-under-40. I’ve been very lucky to have people who have been a great support in my life and I wish to be one of India’s biggest contributors to its Development.

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