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The Inspiration Journey Of Devanshu Asthana.

Devanshu Asthana: "Most middle-class people believe a job is the best career option, so belonging from such a family, starting a business was the greatest challenge. But I chose to fight rather than throw in the towel.

I was not near to business in my early days, but I was always fond of food. My love for food started from dishes cooked by my mother. This love gave me the direction towards the path of entrepreneurship. It was in my 2nd year of graduation, I realized that working for somebody else or being an employee is not my cup of tea. So, I started my own journey of… ‘Lazzetti.’

I am a mechanical engineer, and my field taught me that no career can stop us from choosing them. So, with this advice in mind, I followed my passion, pursued my interest, and here I am today as the founder of Lazzetti.

After beginning my first outlet, there were numerous challenges up ahead. Being a non-native and new in the city, initially, I faced obstacles from the local ones and the competition was huge and never-ending.

But as I was saying, the middle class and business have a tough relationship. Although my mother was supportive, I had to convince my father about the same. After I explained to him, the other evil was, of course, the funds. The locale giants didn’t prefer my presence. But overall, my journey is an emotional roller coaster going through ups and downs.

Then my best ever achievement was that people loved my food. They enjoyed my creative taste, and that encouraged me to open 11+ outlets in other major cities like Mumbai, Surat Kanpur, and looking forward to expanding my business into other cities.

We are best known for shawarma rolls and tandoori momos and are looking forward to franchising all over India. Also, people can connect with us on 9021931003

Being an entrepreneur, I would say to budding entrepreneurs that, if you are pursuing your passion as an entrepreneur, then make sure to do it with full dedication. Then you can create an impact. All the best...”

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