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The Badnaam Adda | The Entrepreneurs of India Magazine Article of Devanshu Monga

We are here on Earth for a little while, so should live our lives to the fullest. This inspired Devanshu Monga to build The Badnaam Adda, a bridge to walk on for your happiness where one can have a quality meal and enjoy the amazing ambiance with loved ones. The dream is to make 96% of the population who are working day and night catering to their family needs to experience this facility to create happiness.

It all started with a middle-class boy who observed his father changing roles from being an employee to an employer. “I have witnessed his transformation and learned how efforts, focus, and networking can be a game-changer altogether and therefore decided to begin my venture," says Devanshu.

“Entrepreneurship is a non-stop engagement, you work relentlessly even after you succeed. You got to have a plan right from the beginning to the last mile.”, says the founder. “Building a society which does not need the leader, is the true attribute of a leader”, is his mantra.

When it comes to business insights, he says, “In India, people are concerned about their competitors even more than themselves. The best way to engage in business is to focus more on yourself and carry out the activities in silence. You are your own competitor, so evaluate your plan thoroughly with the team and let the execution speak up for you”.

Family and friends are a vital part of who we are. While they are readily available, it’s our duty to ensure that one is not fully dependent. Getting the support and being completely dependent are different things, as entrepreneurs, it’s really important to understand and act per se.


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