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Sushma Kolwankar | The Entrepreneurs of India June 2024 Magazine Edition #16

Growing up in a small village near Karad in the Satara district, Sushma Kolwankar was far removed from the world of international business. With a BSc in Mathematics and an MBA in Finance and Systems, her early education didn’t align with this field. However, she always harbored a dream to think big and global.

Her career took a pivotal turn when she got the opportunity to work in the international business sector. Embracing the role wholeheartedly, she managed the complete 360-degree operations of import and export. "This experience equipped me with in-depth knowledge and fueled my passion for international trade."

Driven by a zeal to start her own venture, she left her job and founded Kaushal Food Products. The initial phase was fraught with challenges as she navigated the complexities of establishing and growing a business. Despite the hurdles, she persevered. "Our first shipment was by air, and soon we expanded to sea shipments, steadily growing our operations."

Wanting to give back and help others facing similar struggles, she launched Global Fortune, a training platform aimed at aspiring entrepreneurs in the export-import sector. "This roller-coaster ride has been filled with ups and downs, but it's a journey of passion and purpose that continues to drive me every day."

Through her journey, Sushma learned that business is a marathon, not a sprint. "It requires patience and perseverance. Every step counts, but success comes from maintaining a consistent effort." 

"For families today, it's important to encourage their children’s entrepreneurial aspirations, even if it seems unfamiliar or risky at first." Conveys Sushma. 

At the start, resources were scarce, and Sushma Kolwankar lacked business knowledge. However, she had willpower, hard work, and a dream. "Those were my most important assets." She learned, made connections, and built resources gradually. Securing funding was tough, but she overcame it by starting small and reinvesting profits. Lack of knowledge was another challenge. "I tackled this by learning on the job, seeking mentors, and attending workshops." Her shy nature was a hurdle, but she overcame it through public speaking and networking.

Global Fortune, her training and consultancy firm, organizes impactful events like business delegations and buyer-seller meets, building a supportive ecosystem for startups and exporters.

Sushma believes business is a marathon, not a sprint. "It requires patience and perseverance. Success comes from maintaining consistent effort." Staying focused on core objectives is crucial. "There are always tempting opportunities, but staying committed is essential."

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