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Soubir Bhatt | The Entrepreneurs of India Magazine June 2022

Who says you can't have a cake and eat it too? Not just two worlds, but every domain of his interest has been successfully traced by our palmy tycoon, Mr Soubir Bhatt, a businessman, doctor of alternative medicine, and soon to be an attorney. Soubir was born in India but spent most of his life in the US. His expedition began in New York with the moral support of his family as a benison. Starting with Keybank at first, it later transposed to global investment banking giant JP Morgan Chase & Co. Along with being an attendee of Accenture, KPMG, and E&Y University Workshops in Audit, Tax, M&A, and Consulting, Soubir has been an alumnus of the State University of New York, while he has also completed a summer internship at a popular cosmetic brand, Lakme Levers.

He is also an authorized associate of international organizations with certain titles like Member of The Advisory Council (Harvard Business Review), Global Panel Member (MIT Technology Review), Expert Panel Advisor (European Commission), and many more.

Besides, aviation, automotive, FMCG, fashion, investment banking, management consulting, law, medicine, healthcare-wellness, and real estate are considered to be his pièces de résistance. In March of 2022, Topnotch Foundation, Outlook, and Star News recognized Soubir as the "Iconic Young Entrepreneur Of The Year 2021-22."

He's up for three more awards in 2022 | Entrepreneur of the Year 2021–22 | 2022 Young Achiever's Award | 2022's Emerging Companies Award. This might seem like a golden life, but climbing a corporate ladder is crammed with stumbling blocks.

When there was insufficient capital and confined locomotion, Soubir punched the gut, tightened the belt, and managed through video conferencing.

Soubir, being his angel investor, believes in 3G, i.e., good, gradual growth with time, which brings about his business and two of his brands.

1) V&E Consulting Group Compared to pure-play consultancies like McKinsey or BCG or IT consulting firms like Accenture, IBM, and Cognizant, the company provides a broad range of services and solutions in management consulting. It provides consulting solutions at a lower cost compared to other key players in the market, such as: Aviation Consulting | Business Solutions & Strategy Consulting | Board Effectiveness & Corporate Governance | Citizenship & Immigration Investment | Digital Evolution (IT Strategy, Digitization, VoIP) | Education Consulting

Financial Services | Human Capital Consulting | Healthcare Management | Image & Etiquette Consulting | Legal Services

Marketing & Networking Management (Branding-PR) Real Estate Consulting

Strategy & OKR Consulting Start-Up Consulting

2) Venture & Explore Ltd / Venture & Explore Holdings India

This business conglomerate is very similar to the Tata Group. Soubir opines that one should try to be kind, diplomatic, and tough with adverse prospects and quotes "Don’t be shy to venture & explore, as no idea is weird and keep educating ourselves on multiple areas in life." The motto is to make the impossible as I am possible.

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