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Shiksha Mishra| If you are determined enough, then you are halfway through it!

As a child I used to dream of doing something of my own which could help my society. I used to observe people around me doing a 9:00 - 5:00 job but that didn't feel like my thing to do. I observed that they were doing their job to fulfill someone else's dream not theirs. I have always believed in doing something which not only makes me financially independent but could even make me happy and satisfied. I wanted to do something which could add value to society too. And what would have been better than doing something of my own! 

My entrepreneurial journey started when i was in my graduation. Usually that is the stage when you identify what is the goal of your life and what one has to do next. I too started asking myself questions about my next step in my graduation. I was aware that it is the time when I would have to handle all the pressure from my family and of course the society. In the initial stage of the entrepreneurial  journey one needs to think twice about every decision. One has to evaluate all the consequences of their decisions. The hard fact is that nobody believes that you'll be a good entrepreneur unless you become  Ambani or Adani. 

My entrepreneurial journey has been easier and smoother because of my determination. I was really determined about what I have to do in my life and what's the way ahead. So when one knows what their goal is, they can always focus on it and work towards it.

My Life is smooth ,calm and Happy for until now, but I am always ready for the Challenge to come. 

I go by one quote in my life, "Believe in yourself, Nothing is TOUGH."


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