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Shanu Kumar | Work for the Passion, money will follow, it's never the other way....

Like many college students, I was unsure of my future path. Freelancing in digital marketing was a way to earn some extra income, but fate had other plans. A serious spine condition struck me, leaving me incapacitated and bedridden. With no option for a regular job due to my health, I turned to entrepreneurship as a means to achieve financial independence, freedom, and flexibility.

As a budding entrepreneur in the marketing industry, my first major challenge was finding clients. Cold DMs, emails, and ads yielded no results. It felt like I was stuck in an endless loop of rejection. To overcome this hurdle, I focused on enhancing my skills and creating a compelling portfolio. I shifted my approach from self-promotion to understanding the value I could bring to my clients' businesses. Offering unique and tailored services, and embracing multiple payment platforms helped me establish credibility and attract clients.

After incorporating my company in 2022, my spine issue resurfaced, plunging me into depression and a 10-month bed rest. My world came crashing down, and I felt like I had lost everything. But undergoing spine surgery gave me a new ray of hope. I saw my first glimmer of success when I signed a deal worth $120. It was a fresh start that fueled my determination to take my passion to the next level.

Throughout my journey, I realized the importance of continuous learning and staying updated with the latest industry trends. I strived to solve my clients' problems and never made unrealistic promises of rapid growth. Honesty and transparency became the foundation of my business, earning me the trust and loyalty of my clients.

As my confidence grew, so did my company's success. I had the opportunity to work with major billion-dollar MNCs and was featured in Entrepreneur Story. The Economic Times even invited me as a VIP guest to an event alongside prominent personalities like Sir Nitin Gadkari.

I want to emphasize that success lies in doing what you love, always seeking knowledge, and being genuine in your endeavors. Let passion be your driving force, and money will follow. Remember, no challenge is insurmountable if you have the determination to overcome it.


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