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Sapna Sinha | The Entrepreneurs of India Magazine March 2023

Sapna was a homemaker when it struck her that pursuing teaching would allow her to balance responsibilities and do justice to her qualification. Realising that the education sector had changed a great deal with time, she completed a post-graduation diploma in international education from Birmingham University. Determined to be updated and understand the requirements of new-age learners, Sapna worked with schools to expand the horizon of her experience and concluded that virtual learning was accessible, flexible and simple.

Everyone has times when they feel downcast and that time for Sapna was when they were not able to equip many students, although, the few they taught passed with flying colours and gave ‘More than Marks’ some hope. With accelerating growth, the demand for an increase in team size became the centre of attention. Hiring different people from various states made her believe that change was constant, and many a times it proved to be for the better.

Word of mouth, distribution of pamphlets and organic marketing created a positive image of Sapna’s company and helped them establish a strong social presence among clients. Her family acted as the spine of all ventures and her husband was the pillar that she could depend on anywhere, anytime.

Her brother acted like a stress buster who allowed her to keep her cool in times of distress.

She knew building a business wouldn’t be a stroll in the park but a rough ride up undulating terrains. And all rocky roads have boulders and hindrances. The biggest boulders she had to go through were getting students, mapower, studying new material and understanding concepts. Nevertheless, she put her strength on and found solutions to such obstacles. In order to win the trust and respect of your employee, you are required to trust and respect them. All humans crave approval and all understand the langauge of esteem.

Coming to Sinha’s child, ‘More than Marks.’ It is primarily about providing tuitions of different academic subjects, catering jobs to women, generating employment and easing the process of learning by providing aid to the child as well as the parent. Her classes are completely in sync with the learning style of the child so that they don’t struggle with classes and lessons, they are able to keep pace with the ongoings of school.

“To make big you have to start small.” Sinha believes that what you seek, seeks you too and in order to find it, you have to crush those boulders and keep the car moving forward.

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