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Saloni Mulchand Chaurasiya| All you have to do is keep going no matter how tough it is…

In my first year of graduation I noticed several heartbreaking incidents, but in the same year I decided to be an entrepreneur. It wasn’t a one-day change, but there was a moment when I came to know – ''why ``? But it took almost a year to figure out –“how”? 

I observed several artists who were not educated enough but for sure

mastered their art and had brilliant art. I 

came up with this concept to help experienced and unhonoured artists, who deserve to be honored. Including blooming artists and enthusiastic learners in it will help to smoothly run this never-ending cycle of art.

I believe this will improve with time because when knowledge is paired up with art it can find its way even through the darkest. When I executed the plan and came up with this platform for artists, I realized that it was very difficult

to sustain in the market only with macrame and handicrafts, so I introduced new products i.e.

hoodie, t-shirts, and tracks.

My entrepreneurial journey was challenging and interesting at the

same time. I was completely new to this concept, I learned so many new

things and got new experiences. I am still learning.

I have been trying to shape myself better, trying to understand more about people and business, and exploring new opportunities.

The biggest challenges that I faced and am still facing are financial challenges and time management. So to overcome the challenge related to finance I practice a "minimalistic approach''.

Speaking about time management, I prioritize tasks. It involves a lot of hustle, making the right choices, and deciding priorities. 

If you can do something even on a very basic level, start with that now,

because the more you will think, the more you will get into that vicious cycle of thinking which will act as an obstacle, so just start, face it and for sure you will nail it.

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