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Saleha Tarannum| A startup which makes women self-sufficient….

I started working from 2006 July in standard chartered ( DST) because at that time I was in the final year of B.Com. After working for one year, getting the promotion in direct payroll after working for many years, then I got married and I quit the job.

After having my first kid I started a fast food business. But in lockdown everything got shut down and I became totally dependent on my husband to go anywhere. I had to make my plans according to his time and conviction. I was even dependent on him to drive me home, then I thought of learning to drive but I noticed the fare was too high

The startup idea was to fortify empowerment and make women self-independent on the roads and lanes of Kolkata. To my surprise, one can learn to drive a scooter within 10 days from the joining date and especially for non-cycler as well. We make our clients self-sufficient on the road, teach them basic traffic rules, and even help them to get their licenses ready as per the norms and regulations.

In just a few months, we have opened two branches. Many other businesses were offering the same thing but my goal was to make women empowered and self-dependent when it comes to basic things like driving. I didn't want to stop at Scotty training so I also started to give training for Car driving. This is also for a limited time that is 10 days of class, many have learned how to drive a car in just 10 days making themselves self-sufficient. All the reviews given by my customers have always encouraged me to push myself and provide an even better experience.

I also had the idea of giving a letter of appreciation to all my trainees, this helped me to build a better relationship with my clients which is more than just business. We also honor our best students with medals for their fast learning and good performance. All this has always helped my women customers gain more confidence in themselves.

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