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Renu Navin | The Entrepreneurs of India Magazine July 2023

Renu Navin, the founder of Nitara, started her entrepreneurial journey driven by a passion for Indian handlooms. Recognizing the scarcity of traditional sarees, she curated unique weaves from across India. Today, Nitara stands not only as a successful business but also as a platform for women empowerment, championing social causes and fostering meaningful relationships with clients and weavers alike.

Renu's journey as an entrepreneur began as a result of her desire to explore her creative potential while balancing her role as a homemaker. She initially found solace in designing and selling beaded jewelry through her Instagram page, Azmik Design. However, her quest for something more led her to the world of handlooms. Renu's love for sarees, coupled with the scarcity of traditional weaves in local shops, sparked her determination to connect with skilled weavers and bring their creations to the forefront. With technology as her ally, she launched Nitara, curating unique gollabhama sarees and himroo weaves, marking the start of her extraordinary journey as an entrepreneur.

Renu believes that dedication and passion are crucial for success. She emphasizes building strong bonds with clients and suppliers through trust and open communication. Renu's commitment to quality and promptness has earned her a reputation as a trustworthy entrepreneur.

She actively contributes to women's empowerment through her involvement with the NGO "Pink Shield," providing support for education and self-defense. Renu's social responsibility adds depth and credibility to the Nitara brand.

Renu acknowledges her family as a vital support system during her entrepreneurial journey. From coordinating shipping to playing the role of a courier, her family members have played integral roles in Nitara's success. Despite starting her business remotely from Singapore, Renu overcame challenges with the help of her family, cooperative weavers, and understanding clients.

Language barriers were addressed using translation tools and video calls, while proper accounting systems ensured smooth operations. Renu's resourcefulness and determination have been key factors in propelling Nitara forward.

Nitara stands out in the industry through its personalized approach and emphasis on building relationships. Renu curates handpicked weaves from all over India, offering a diverse range of traditional sarees, including bhujodis, ajrakhs, khesh, taants, and many more. What sets Nitara apart is Renu's unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, reasonable pricing, and flexibility in payment options. Through her unique store, Renu has established a reputation for exceptional quality and exceptional care, making Nitara a cherished destination for saree lovers.

Renu advises supporting small businesses and appreciating their dedication. She urges customers to avoid requesting discounts due to slim profit margins. To aspiring entrepreneurs, her message is to believe in their dreams and pursue them relentlessly. Nitara represents the power of passion, perseverance, and empowerment, making a significant impact in the world of handlooms and women empowerment.

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