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Rahul Khudhwa| Face every situation with calmness and a smile…

I was planning to get a government job, like all the other members of my family. However, it seemed like an easy way, to study and get a job. I wanted to do something new, which wasn’t done by my family members. 

After 10th standard, I changed my mind and chose the business field. It wasn’t easy as I had no experience or family background in business. 

My entrepreneurial journey started when I met some friends who were in business and some other entrepreneurs. I found my life’s calling in Entrepreneurship. I started working with those entrepreneur friends. In November 2016, I started to observe everything and learn. 

My journey wasn’t a sweet tale in which everything goes as planned. My journey was very dynamic, I had to struggle a lot to make my place in the market. However, it is a journey that I will cherish forever. I experienced many memorable moments in my courageous journey of entrepreneurship. 

My biggest challenge was to make a profit. I didn’t know any tricks or tactics, and neither did I have a business mindset. I had to build my mindset and direct it to make my business profitable. I started a small startup, and since then, my business is growing slowly and gradually. I didn’t even know how to manage my profits, or where to invest my profits from the business. I made my share of mistakes and learned along the way. I believe that the key to being a successful entrepreneur is to make mistakes, look back and analyze what went wrong and what can be improved to avoid that mistake in the future.

It's a process of constantly adapting yourself according to the situations and the challenges. My plan is to keep learning and growing, that is the only way of being successful in the business.

I always go by the idea of facing every situation with a cool mind.

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