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Priyannka Chowdhury | The Entrepreneurs of India June 2024 Magazine Edition #16

Despite being an established fashion icon and philanthropist, Priyannka Chowdhury bravely conceptualized her venture, Cleantek Energy Pvt. Ltd., during the COVID times with the intention of recognizing widespread ignorance about hygiene and offering affordable solutions across homes, workplaces, hospitals, and public spaces.

Success to her wasn’t a game of luck; for her, it was understanding the importance of learning from mistakes and embracing adaptability to navigate challenges effectively, utilizing the power of clear communication to build trust and collaboration in both business and personal relationships.

Backed by a supportive family, Priyannka overcame initial resource constraints through resilience and strategic planning. She tackled gender biases and built Cleantek's reputation for reliability and quality, acstarting with limited resources.

Cleantek focuses on delivering cost-effective and highly efficient solutions for maintaining pristine environments indoors and outdoors, spanning homes, offices, hospitals, and outdoor spaces like Cleantek Neem Herbal and Cleantek Toilet Cleaner, aiming to elevate hygiene standards across diverse sectors with innovative approaches. Their mission is to make hygiene care effortlessly accessible and, most importantly, impactful. Cleantek is committed to your well-being through effective hygiene solutions.

To aspiring entrepreneurs, she advises to embrace adaptability, trust their instincts, and cultivate supportive networks. “Accept failure as a stepping stone toward success, and let your passion fuel your journey. Remember, every setback is an opportunity for growth, and every success acknowledges your firm dedication,” says Priyannka.

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