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Priya P Agarwal| I evolved myself from an employee's mindset to a business owner's mindset…

As a child I never thought of being an entrepreneur. My only dream was to become a Chartered Accountant (CA) as I saw my elder siblings most of them belonged to this profession. Also I have always been a merit student in my secondary and high school.After clearing my CA Foundation examination I was preparing for intermediate level and meanwhile my dad started e-commerce business and also asked me to do it but I refused completely by saying NOTHING CAN BE BETTER THAN CA and continued my studies.

According to my dad's online business he received 6 books, out of which 5 books were in hindi and one book by mistake came in english language, which I read on one fine day and I completed the whole book in just 2 hours. That was the first ever book I read and completed too and immediately took the decision of doing the business along with my dad.

My entrepreneurial journey has indeed been an adventurous journey till now. In the initial level I didn't believe in the business, had many doubts ,cried also but yes there is a saying BEGINNING IS ALWAYS THE HARDEST and I truly agree because I have experienced it. As I was taking the knowledge ,understanding the process, things started working out. I accepted the things and started trying to change my habits.

My thought process evolved  from an employee mentality to a business owner. 

Today I am eternally happy and grateful for each and everything I have achieved. The biggest challenge or task which I overcame was to judge everything and make conclusions on the basis of other people's opinions. Overcoming the fear of talking in public , builded self confidence which was lacking earlier.

I follow only one mantra : Follow your routine with discipline and nothing will stop you from being successful. 

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