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Priya Maloo, Founder, Food Outfit | From quitting her job to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Priya Maloo: I wasn’t sure if I wanted to become an entrepreneur but I was always driven toward being extremely creative. I was always quite observant of the activities around me. My family get-togethers have always been very grand when it came to the range of food dishes that were made, each of which had some element of uniqueness. That probably left a strong imprint on me as I was growing up and helped me take the plunge into entrepreneurship today, as I look to offer this wide variety of food experiences to a broad audience.

It was just a year after my marriage that my mother and I decided to pursue our career as Home Chef. We as a team of mother & daughter have an amazing camaraderie between us. Our understanding of how to design different types of food dishes across cuisines comes in very handy. We are always willing to experiment and innovate. This has helped us in expanding our menu regularly and offer even our very regular customers something new each time they come to order.

The most-hardest part was quitting my 9-5 stable job and taking the plunge into entrepreneurship. I’m glad that I’ve done it.

Some of our achievements include having good customer loyalty, and strong word-of-mouth promotion- our existing customers are our best marketers and our ever-expanding range of dishes across cuisines.

Food Outfit is a made-to-order vegetarian food delivery service that services customers all across Mumbai. We offer a range of uniquely designed and prepared food options across multiple cuisines and service customers from small groups to even large people of 50-60 for any get-togethers or parties.

We’ve uniquely designed food options, freshly prepared with the highest quality ingredients, and multiple packaging and decoration options to suit customers’ requirements. Each dish has a certain twist added to it that ensures our customers have a great experience with every dish they try. For anyone looking to have a super unique food experience with their friends and family, we Food Outfit are your go-to Foodie Partners!

You can reach us on Instagram, Facebook, or Whatsapp.

For the endnote, I’d say that keep working on what you love.

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