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Pranav Singh, shaping the digital industry with YEIP digital.

Pranav Singh: "I work in the affiliate marketing field. At the age of 17 years, I have generated 3 lakhs rupees from this field. I never knew anything about digital marketing or affiliate marketing, but some of my friends were doing affiliate marketing and they were earning a good amount of money. I used to feel motivated by their lifestyle and achievements. Back then I started from five hundred and now I am here.

My parents used to be very sacred. They used to warn me not to do anything wrong, they used to wonder where I am earning such huge amounts of money. They were having the mentality that if you want to succeed you need to study hard. Now, they are proud of me and support me in my journey. They now believe that I made the right decision.

I am the first person to do international sales. I have done international sales in Nigeria, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Apart from the money I have earned till now, the respect which I have got from society at this age is a proud thing for me.

Since I come from the biology stream, I plan to do B Pharma. My father has a medical agency so I want to earn at least 10 lakhs from my work so I can invest in my father's agency. In which I produce my own medicines.

Through our experience and expertise, we offer courses like Website Designing, Instagram and Facebook ads, Lead generation, Email Marketing, Sales Closing, etc. We also run a community that has over 150 people.

To avail of any of the services, dm at Instagram- @pranavvsinghh.

The only message I want to give to our youth is to stop making excuses and start trying. Don't waste your time on social media, instead make social media your tool and do something constructive. Lastly, I would like to say, try to be unique in your own way and be useful for our society."

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Hii prnav bro

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