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Prafull Billore | The Entrepreneurs of India Magazine May 2022

Think Big. Start Small.

We live in a time where being a graduate is just not enough. Post-graduation is a must. If you’re not a post-graduate, the chances of you getting a job is really low.

So, to lead a normal life, Prafull opted for becoming an MBA. After a few failed attempts. He could finally get into a college and alongside his college, to gain experience, he decided to work at Mc Donald’s earning Rs 37 an hour.

Eventually, he decided to leave his job and start something of his own– he opened a tea stall in Ahmedabad. He lied to his father and borrowed Rs 8000 so he could buy utensils for his tea stall.

“Yes, coming from a middle-class family and having to serve tea, and wash dishes in the streets of Ahmedabad did feel wired and painful initially but my willingness to do something of my own always pushed me,” Says Prafull.

As he ran his tea stall, he started earning rather well and was gaining immense experience and knowledge. So much so that the value of education kept on going low day by day.

One day, just like that, he decided to leave his education and work full-time as an owner of a Tea Stall– He was now an MBA Dropout. People started making fun of him. Many said “Kya hoga is Desh ka” His friends and family stopped talking to him and he was completely on his own. But as wrong, as this situation sounds, it was the best thing that happened in Prafull’s life.

His journey inspired people and got them hooked with Prafull. People would often visit his stall and Prafull was earning more than an MBA Graduate. His story inspired so many people that he decided to name his company “MBA Chai Wala”

In No time, Prafull became an Internet Sensation- He was everywhere. He would be invited at Various platforms for sharing his story and he has inspired millions of people.

People started reacting in a positive way to him. His experience motivated him to grow more and have stronger footsteps in India so it can produce more leaders. Today has a good amount of franchises of MBA Chai wala across India. He has started his own MBA Chai Wala Academy.

“Never be afraid of failures. They’re the stepping stones to success.