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Parbati Biswas | |The Entrepreneurs of India June 2024 Magazine Edition #16

Parbati Biswas, a dedicated school teacher by profession and an ardent wildlife photographer by passion, has a story that is as inspiring as it is captivating. 

Married at the young age of 18, a common occurrence in middle-class families, Her life initially followed a conventional path. It was an arranged marriage, yet she continued her education, completing her graduation with an English honors degree by the age of 20. Her academic journey did not stop there; she pursued a Master’s degree and secured a teaching job through the School Service Commission (SSC) at 23. Shortly after, at 24, she became a mother. However, her marriage did not withstand the test of time, leading her to make a courageous decision to leave her husband's house with her son and move back in with her parents.

This period was fraught with challenges. Moving to Kanchrapara from Birnagar meant adjusting to a new environment without the comfort of familiar faces. Depression loomed large, but Parbati found a beacon of hope in an unexpected place. She decided to buy a DSLR camera and enrolled in a local photography workshop focusing on street photography. This new hobby provided a much-needed escape and a creative outlet.

Despite her initial accomplishments into street and landscape photography, She felt something was missing. The turning point came when she purchased a second-hand zoom lens from a renowned photographer and ventured into wildlife photography. This new pursuit ignited a passion that became like oxygen to her previously suffocating life. For the past four years, Parbati has immersed herself in this world, traveling extensively to capture the beauty of nature. Her recent visits to Panna Tiger Reserve and Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve stand out as particularly memorable experiences.

Parbati now uses a Nikon D7500 paired with a Nikon 200-500mm lens, essential tools in her wildlife photography endeavors. "Wildlife photography is an expensive passion," she acknowledges. The need for proper gear, which can be quite costly, along with the expenses of travel, means that financial independence is crucial. "If you are thinking of taking it up as a profession, you must first be independent," she advises. 

Her parents, sister, and son have all stood by her, understanding that this passion brings her happiness and fulfillment. "My family knows that I am happy now with this passion. I have been able to create an identity as a wildlife photographer alongside my teaching profession," Parbati shares.

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