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Nikita Bhinde Chande, redefining design with The Design Zen

If it were easy, everybody would have done it…


Nikita Bhinde Chande: I have always wanted to do something of my own. I was always surrounded by entrepreneurs. I came from a marketing and advertising background and did not want to start another ad agency. I was always on a hunt for something that would excite me to start something of my own.



After my MBA I joined my dream advertising firm and after that, there was no looking back. At that time Entrepreneurship was not on my cards since I was looking to learn and explore. As I moved in my career I worked with great brands and firms like DDB Mudra, 109F & Fusion beats and Moneycontrol, etc. 


My life suddenly changed after marriage. It was difficult to manage these long working hours, so I switched back to working for an agency from home, but that wasn’t enough and this was the time when my Husband pushed me into starting The Design Zen.



My husband and I were business partners, and we began in September 2019. It was only 6mothns when we were still learning about the market and products, and then the pandemic happened.  We had a heck lot of inventory and loans. Nobody would renovate their house or office.  We used to do sports floorings for a brand they were into manufacturing yoga mats. Since in pandemic everyone become fitness conscious and were working out at home, we saw a great opportunity and became the distributor of yoga mats in Mumbai.  Overall, it boosted our sales. 



Our biggest challenge was that the pandemic hit us after our first 6 months of business. We had no idea what to do. But hearing my dad’s advice, we started to be a distributor of yoga mats in Mumbai.


 We The Design Zen are importers and distributors of types of flooring, carpets & tiles, walls, etc. We have ready stock of most of the products, at reasonable prices, seamless service, and can deliver PAN India.  People can reach us via Instagram / Facebook or WhatsApp at 9324454414.


 And for most of my struggles, I believe that there will be a lot of difficulties in every entrepreneurial journey. So, keep going and don’t give up.


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