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Naveen Chauhan | The Entrepreneurs of India June 2024 Magazine Edition #16

Currently pursuing an MBA from IIM Indore, Naveen began in mechanical engineering at ITM University, where he led significant projects and was recognized as Student of the Year in 2016. His professional experience includes working at Andritz Hydro Pvt Ltd., an Austria-based turbine manufacturing company, where he managed operations and strategic projects.

Driven by a passion for technology and innovation, his interest in 3D printing and design during college led him to explore e-commerce. Recognizing its potential, he started an Instagram page to educate people about online businesses. "My aim is to demystify e-commerce," he says. Today, his page has over 55,000 followers, thanks to his commitment to providing valuable content and engaging with his audience regularly.

Growing his Instagram has been a journey filled with insights and learnings. One critical factor is consistency. "Create a content calendar and stick to it. Regular posting helps keep your audience engaged." He also realized the importance of engaging with his audience. "Building a community is as important as sharing knowledge."

Initially, he focused on the quantity of posts rather than quality, which didn’t resonate well. He advises prioritizing value. "Ensure that every post provides meaningful insights. High-quality content is more likely to be shared and appreciated." 

Reviewing Instagram analytics was also crucial. "Use data to refine your strategy and optimize posts for better engagement." He emphasizes staying updated with platform changes and trends. "Experiment with new features and formats to keep content fresh."

He suggests that families encourage exploration, provide emotional support, foster a growth mindset, teach financial literacy, support education, and offer a safe space for experimentation.

One major challenge he faced was building an audience. "Gaining followers was slow. I focused on creating high-quality content consistently and engaging actively with my audience." Balancing his full-time job and Instagram page was another challenge. Effective time management and scheduling tools were crucial. Maintaining content quality while scaling was also difficult. "Investing in better tools and learning new skills helped enhance quality."

His advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is to embrace a growth mindset. "Success hinges on your ability to learn, adapt, and grow continuously. Stay curious, be open to new ideas, and never stop learning. Perseverance and a positive attitude are key to overcoming difficulties and achieving long-term success."

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