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Mitali Duggal | The Entrepreneurs of India Magazine May 2023

Updated: May 31, 2023

In a world where harmful chemicals dominate mass-produced medicines, Mitali Duggal, hailing from a humble middle-class background, embarked on a mission to discover alternative remedies that would provide effective health solutions without adverse side effects. Recognizing the rich tradition of herbal remedies deeply ingrained in Indian households, Mitali conducted extensive research and found that herbal options offered the best path to holistic wellness. Fueled by her passion for empowering women and creating sustainable earning opportunities, she took a bold step and launched her brand, "Vringra," with an initial investment of Rs 50,000. What followed was a remarkable journey of growth, resilience, and unwavering commitment to quality.

Throughout the journey, Mitali embraced mistakes as learning opportunities, encouraging growth and innovation. Transparency, listening, and empowering her team have been integral to Vringra's success. Family support played a vital role, allowing Mitali to balance her responsibilities. Scarce resources, in the beginning, were overcome through perseverance and finding the right support.

The path to success was not without its share of challenges. Mitali overcame industry challenges through research, partnerships, and digital marketing. Her brand simplifies healthy living with affordable, high-quality herbal products for Indians.

Vringra's core mission revolves around providing world-class herbal products at affordable prices while simplifying healthy living without adverse side effects. By addressing issues such as addiction, indoor pollution, diabetes, and sexual health, Vringra aims to make a significant impact on people's lives. The brand's portfolio includes Vringra, 1 Tree, and Hare Krishna Food for the soul. Leveraging the power of herbal remedies and Ayurveda, Vringra brings awareness and easy accessibility to safe, certified, and quality-tested products that offer solutions for various ailments and addictions.

As an entrepreneur, Mitali Duggal offers invaluable advice to aspiring business owners. She encourages individuals to overcome their fears and embark on their entrepreneurial journey while staying self-motivated. Mitali emphasizes the importance of maintaining a realistic approach, remaining open to new ideas, and learning from failures. She shares “Businesses are built to make profits and to empower people working for you.”

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