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Meet Vikram Singh, the brain behind Dogtailfilms.

Vikram Singh: “In 2017, when I was in my third year of college, my work was rejected by a well-renowned company. We told them that they could still test out our ad and we wouldn't charge them any amount. It turns out that they loved it and I made three ads for them. As college ended, my journey began. I worked as an assistant director for various music videos and short films. In 2018, I got my major breakthrough to work as a director and produce content. I even got to work for my idol.

One day, when I was at a shoot, I got a call saying that my family member was very unwell. She passed away and I was very shaken up. I decided to move to Bombay from Delhi. There was still something missing and that was when it clicked me, it was my work that mattered, not the place. Even during the various jobs I took, the thought of doing something of my own was always at the back of my mind. When the situation of the pandemic got better, I quit my job and started running my startup, Dog Tail, from home with my team of three people. I networked, met a lot of people, and established clients. We created a website on our own without any funding and reinvested the money we earned. Dog Tail provides AD Films/ TVCs, Corporate Films, Animation Films, 360°, and VR Videos.

To connect with our business, you can visit our website:

If you genuinely believe you’re good at something and think that you can make a whole career out of it, go for it and be the best at it!

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