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Meet the Dynamic Woman Entrepreneur, Ruchika Arora.

Ruchika Arora: “I always used to get upset whenever I used to see anyone in pain or discomfort. I had this feeling of wanting to help people which I felt was not possible in most jobs. I, thus began to carve my journey of entrepreneurship.

I became very famous in school because of my interest in Astrology. I was certain about this field since 9th standard itself. Becoming someone your heart desires is never easy. I started taking astrology sessions at Cafe Coffee Day. When a lot of people started taking sessions, I realized I needed an office to work out of. I took my first big step by myself in 2015 by taking an office. I did everything from choosing the place to buying the furniture. It is running successfully till date.

Astrologers are always portrayed in certain clothes or in a particular way, so when people started coming to me for a session, they used to be amazed by my age and appearance. It was very difficult for them to believe in such a young astrologer but with time I crossed every barrier with my accurate predictions. People started praising me for my work and then I finally got my first very precious award in 2017.

I received the National Excellence Award, the Best Coffee Cup Reader in India in 2018, the Best Coffee Cup Reader in Northern India in 2020 and the Women Achiever Award in 2021. Apart from this, I am a professional Color Therapist, Akashik Records Reader and a Psychic. I have also been featured on different radio and television platforms.

You can connect with me over Facebook/Instagram/ Twitter by the name Astro Ruchika Arora or on Whatsapp at 9910467889.

My work is all about guiding people as I always say that astrology is a road map. We may have finalized the destination but can improve our routes. With every sip you take in a coffee cup reading, your past present or future can be revealed. You may come with an anxious mind but will be guaranteed to leave with a peaceful and positive one.”

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