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Meet Simran Kaur Bhatia, the brain behind the bombbae Wardrobe.

Simran Kaur Bhatia: “I was very keen on learning fashion after my high school couldn’t do so I decided to pursue business studies as I belong to a business family but no one was from a fashion background I listened to my parents and did marketing with the idea of using those skills in my own business eventually. I started my first startup in 2017 but since I was a business graduate without any experience in the fashion world, things didn't go very well. Things were quite new to me and I couldn't find a better option than closing it down.

Then I again started my label with a friend of mine who opened my first store in Mumbai but after a few months, we had to shut down due to some uncertainties. Then right after that I took a month off and made myself understand the fact that this was what I wanted to do and I had the immense emotional support of my family & fiance and they pushed me hard to restart it Even though my second startup was going very well, I realized that I still lacked the aspect of money management. I had initiated all my startups with zero investment because I don’t want to take any risk. I took responsibility for any profit or loss and didn't ask for money from my parents either. I am not a job person and wanted to do something by myself. I gathered up the courage to start my clothing label, The Bombbae Wardrobe in 2019 which was my third startup. I built my brand and this time with a proper business model and now there’s no looking back. I gained the trust of my customers and I am currently running my business online through our Instagram page. We specialize in Indian, Indowestern, bridal, and couture. We are not a fast fashion brand so we customize every each piece as per the customer’s convenience and we ship worldwide. We also redeliver within 4-5 days in case of any problem with the product.

Throughout my journey, the one thing I understood was that if you want to do something, don't think about the finances. If you have a good business model and the will to work hard, the finances will follow.

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