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Meet Shivam, the Affiliate Marketing Prodigy Helping 500+ Students Succeed!

Just 50 days ago, Shivam, a 17- year-old boy from Dechu,Jodhpur Rajasthan , started affiliate marketing after failing in his 1st business. So this time, he planned everything and learned from old mistakes. After preparing for ten days, just in the next ten days, he earned 3Lakh+. According to him, everyone should do complete planning

before starting any business or should find a mentor who can help in their journey. He also

added that consistency and continuous

improvement after getting failed is the key to

winning in any business.

Further, Shivam chose affiliate marketing as a business because it is leverage-less business

anyone can start this business with almost the

price of some pizza.

Moreover, it's effortless to scale this business if you have the proper guidance and basic

knowledge of lead generation and sales. Even a student can start this business with a '0'

understanding of the business.

Shivam is also helping more than 500+ students

to start earning from affiliate marketing and to

scale their business to 6 figures. His vision is to

help 500+ students in making money from

affiliate marketing because when he was a

student, no one guided him to start and scale his business.

It was very hard for Shivam to reach this level because he was from a middle-class family, and to fulfill his dream, he dropped out of college.

His hard work answered all the haters with success. Shivam has a community of 5000+

people on Instagram.

Shivam advises all the students that you don't

need money to start a business, but the only thing you need is the courage to start a business because once you have the courage

to start anything, no one can stop you from

achieving your dreams..


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