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Meet, Renjith Abraham Thomas, the brain behind Threestops.

Renjith Abraham Thomas: I’d always tended to find for myself a space in the non- collared sector, in the grand scheme of things. My inclination to socialize with various circles paved the way towards the aforementioned.

Stepping into the entrepreneurship sector came as after many years of professional career with the leading banks in Dubai. After settling in Kerala - Kochi, my brothers and I decided to employ the pandemic to our advantage by hiring software developers with the idea to develop an all-in-one software product to deliver food/groceries/meats in Kochi. Fortunately, the business venture took off; we started getting projects from across the globe (the Middle East, The United States of America) to develop startup software similar to ours and also custom software solutions like ERP, Online worship platforms, B2B/B2C multi-vendor marketplace, last-mile delivery products, etc. To keep up with the increasing demand, we hired more developers catering to the development of a variety of software products in-house, as per the demand of the clientele. My experience of working with the Emirates Bank, and Abu Dubai Commercial Bank helped me a lot during my journey.

Threestops has launched its all-in-one app to deliver food/grocery/meats in Kochi. So far, we have been fortunate to witness strong traction in the market towards our product, as Concerning that, our app has already attracted and partnered with 100+ restaurants, 1 wholesale grocery store, 1 wholesale vegetable and fruits, 2 meat hubs, a total of 10000+ downloads from both iOS & Android, 2000+ registered customers, and 800+ orders since its inception in Kochi in May 2021.

You can reach us at: Download apps at Threestops or order at

I want to suggest that the readers work on their passions irrespective of what people may say. Keep a firm belief that there will be many learning opportunities tucked away behind hardships.

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