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Meet Prakash Saluja, helping businesses grow with Kreate Studios.

Prakash Saluja: “After 12th standard, I did B Sc in film making and animation and even I was the assistant video editor for Netflix’s Little Things while working in Mumbai. However, I found more interest in corporate designing. I shifted my focus to corporate designing, brand designing, and website development. I worked in Pune in an ad agency for about 3 years where I picked up quite a few skills along the way.

I understood how to go about the complete branding of any startup or corporate agency. That is when I decided I wanted to have my creative agency and cater to all startups along with huge corporate brands as well. I have a creative agency in Pune called Kreate Studio. We do web designing and graphic designing.

You can reach us here at:

Creative services have always been at the back end of everyone’s mind. People think that the services provided in the creative industry should probably not cost as much as they do. They may even feel like that service is simply cosmetic to them.

After sharing my stories of how good branding and designing has helped clients earn a good name in the market, they are more willing to give it a shot. We also always have people coming back to us for our other services along with what they asked for initially.

If someone has a clear idea of wanting to become an entrepreneur, they should gain experience but at the same time, they shouldn't lose their dream of actually doing what they want to. It's better late than never.

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