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Meet Mr. Arish Rajan, a man full of leadership and entrepreneurship, founder of Creotodo.

Arish Rajan: "Growing up I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur and to help people around me. Later I discovered a few leadership qualities that helped me to start my own company which seemed like the best way to help people.

We all have various interests as kids and want to be different people at different phases of life, however, after finishing my engineering degree, I decided to pursue a career as an entrepreneur. I even worked with several companies to gain exposure. In the beginning, I was afraid to talk to clients and worried that something might go wrong. But now, I’ve become well-versed in convincing people and my greatest challenge turned out to be my greatest strength. I took a huge leap of faith and bootstrapped my start-up, a creative designing hub. At times it could be exhilarating, at others terrifying.

I’ve created a design hub that deals with all aspects of design from logo to web designing, digital marketing to graphic designing, restoration to remodeling interior and exterior spaces, and much more. My pro team works on multiple projects providing the best service for all clientele from all fields, helping them with their business growth and online presence. Enter our CreoTodo space with your creative issue and get end-to-end expert assistance.

I'm still a newbie with a long way to go, but I'm happy that I'm helping young minds pursue their dreams and create a base where they can be themselves while still advancing with the needs of the company and their career. As of now, how my company's young team is beginning to unfold and discover themselves while growing together is what I consider my greatest achievement.

You can reach us on LinkedIn (, Facebook (, Instagram (, Twitter (, or at our website or mail to

It is easy to start something, but sticking to it through all the storms and moving forward no matter what makes the difference.”

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