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Meet Modern Meerabai, Punita Lakhani, India's first divorce recovery coach.

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Punita Lakhani is India's first divorce recovery coach. She is on a mission to empower 1 million people going through divorce & separation with the courage to relaunch their lives and reclaim their happiness & dignity. She releases the repressed emotions & limiting beliefs that have been holding people back using NLP, a scientific technique. Punita's contact number is 7042126333. '' is the URL of her website. She uses the same handle, @ModernMeerabai, across all major social media platforms. The cost of tutoring is INR 3,000 each session (60 mins). Her life transformation program begins with a 10-session package and two months of support.

As a divorce recovery coach, Punita provides services for people's mental and emotional health as well as the essential information they need to navigate one of life's most trying times. A person may lose anywhere from one to eight years of their prime youth during this divorce phase. At every step of a divorce, she offers coaching and restorative therapies. She now wishes to provide someone else the strength and support she did not receive when she was going through her trying time. That’s when she realised that when you try to talk to your closest friends or family members about your sentiments, they actually wind up hurting you more, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

It wasn't until she was laid off during COVID that Punita realized the worst epidemic people aren't even aware they're living through is "the single source of income." This incident was actually a redirection in her life. Punita made an investment in personal development classes, started a life coaching business, discovered her calling, and finally became the first divorce recovery coach in India. Inspired by Meerabai, Punita coaches her mentees on building resilience and courage to live the life of their choice. Punita works under the name of Modern Meerabai as a social activist and public speaker to normalize divorces in the society. She believes, “A divorce has to be a respected option in the society, and not a stigma or a taboo.”

Punita believes it all begins with Self-Love. “Love yourself so much that it overflows onto others as well”. When a pot is full, the contents spill over. If you start serving others from a place of genuine love and happiness, people will naturally gravitate toward you. Self-Love is not selfishness. It breeds selflessness. Third year into #ModernMeerabai, Punita has been honoured with the coveted Dr. Rajendra Prasad National Excellence Award 2022 and also nominated for Most Inspiring Women award 2022, for her contributions to the society.


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