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Meet Jaini Haria, the brain behind Jaey.

Jaini Haria: “I started Jaey, a tech-enabled, bespoke women's western workwear brand, India's first brand that uses a Virtual Tailor - an AI-enabled measuring technology that captures 70+ measurements using just 2 photos, with the ultimate goal of changing the way women dress to work and shop for clothes in India.

After doing my CA, I went on to do my MBA from XLRI, after which I worked as an investment banker for 1.5 years. We used to wear formals to the office every day, which was when I realized that the western workwear space in India needed a lot of work. Our team was women-dominated and we often discussed the fact that finding good quality, well-fitting, stylish workwear in India was very difficult. We kept comparing it with the Westerners' style and wondered why India doesn't have that kind of workwear yet. I started researching about this and surveyed 300+ working women to understand their preferences and problems concerning workwear. The results of the survey made it clear that more than seventy percent of them related to this problem. They could only name multinational brands that they shopped their workwear from and there were hardly any Indian brands on that list.

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My key focus, apart from designs, was the problem of fit. I was sure I didn't want to participate in the standard size fiasco, so was finding my unique way out through fashion technology. That's when I decided on capturing measurements using our "Virtual Tailor", and became the first brand in India to use such effortless and accurate measuring technology. We use those measurements to make tailor-made outfits and send them to the customer’s PAN India within just 7-10 days. Being completely from a finance background, the world of fashion was extremely new to it. I was lost when I got into it and I still am, but one thing that is still consistent is my conviction in the idea and determination to make this work. Most people think of all the negative aspects of a decision before making it and prefer not to take it. If you know what you want and think that it is even remotely feasible, I would say, you should go for it.

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