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Meet Apoorva Gururaj and Suresh Reddy D, the mastermind behind

Apoorva Gururaj & Suresh Reddy D : "We both had experience of entrepreneurship earlier and had worked on multiple projects. The urge to build something of our own drove us together to build our own startup. This is how the idea of Foodio fit came into being. We both wanted to try something in the food industry. We did a thorough research for about two years and when we were convinced we decided to venture into manufacturing and setting up a brand in snacking and quick-eating space which would be healthier and can be consumed without compromising on the taste. There was something about which gave us the confidence and strength to build it pooling all our savings.

There were all sorts of challenges in our journey , but when you know life happens and there's not much you can do but just be strong and know that this shall pass too.

We sold 10000+ packets of Tender Coconut water the week we launched the product. On World Coconut Day - We sold 5000+ packets in a single day on 2nd September 2021 alone. We have also been the first brand to launch sugarcane juice without any added sugar, preservatives,colour or flavour in the most convenient way. Tender Coconut or a sugarcane in your pocket!

We make all our products from high fibre low carb ingredients like Seeds- Sunflower, Pumpkin,Melon,Flax etc directly sourced from Indian farmers from various parts of India. Secondly the choice of ingredients like fat in our products is not interesterified or hydrogenated or trans fat. With only 50+ products launched so far and 200 in the pipeline. We at, aim to be a brand with a larger presence in the world market being the world’s first and largest healthier packaged food brand. We envision being able to provide healthy alternative food products to nearly any product that a consumer uses today that is unhealthy, in the future making us a one stop solution.

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The ability to triumph begins with you, no matter where you come from and what you do. So believe in yourself and do what your heart desires. And make your health partner :)"

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