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Meet Anmol Sharma: NIT Jalandhar grad turned entrepreneur. Read more to uncover his inspiring journey from 'Karegivers' to 'financebyanmoll'!

Anmol Sharma is an engineering graduate from NIT Jalandhar. His journey was fueled by internships in his college seniors' startups. These experiences not only laid the groundwork for understanding the entrepreneurial landscape but also ignited the spark of curiosity to explore and experience the challenges and triumphs of running a business.

In his second year of college, Anmol took a bold step by initiating a venture named 'Karegivers,' aiming to provide services across Jalandhar. However, the resource-intensive nature of the services industry, coupled with limited expendable resources in his second year, led Anmol to pivot towards the burgeoning content creation industry.

The timing was serendipitous, coinciding with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, which saw people confined to their homes and increasingly turning to digital platforms for information and engagement.

Anmol, who had harbored a deep interest in finance and the stock market since his first year, identified a significant gap in financial literacy. Leveraging this opportunity, he delved into the content game, establishing his personal brand, 'financebyanmoll.'

The venture gained early traction, building a dedicated following interested in understanding the basics of finance and the stock market. What began as a response to a personal interest evolved into a full-fledged content creation endeavor with a dedicated team covering everything from social media management to conducting workshops.

As the venture expanded, He encountered the first major challenge—premature growth. The team hastily expanded in multiple directions without a defined goal, leading to dissatisfaction with the outcomes. Anmol realized the importance of strategic planning, setting clear objectives, and avoiding unfocused expansion. This realization came at a cost, as they had to let go of several team members, a challenging but necessary step in restructuring for future growth. Another crucial lesson Anmol learned was the significance of a trustworthy core team. Not everyone, no matter how skilled, can fit into the core circle. Over time, the team-building process involved recognizing those genuinely aligned with the vision, emphasizing the value of a cohesive and committed team. He underscores the importance of networking.

While building a product or service is essential, connecting with people opens doors to countless opportunities. Additionally, he emphasizes the critical role of organizational culture, setting the tone for growth and success. Inclusivity and attentive listening foster a positive work environment, contributing to the overall success of the business.

Anmol's family initially resisted his entrepreneurial pursuits, understandable given the societal expectations and concerns about financial stability. Convincing his parents was a gradual process, with initial apprehensions about forsaking stable employment for the uncertainties of entrepreneurship.

However, as the venture gained momentum and stability, his family's support grew, showcasing the importance of open communication and understanding within families.

Anmol, coming from a middle-class background with an employee mindset and no business background, faced resistance in persuading his parents to support his entrepreneurial journey. NIT-J, with its excellent placement record, presented a clear and secure path. However, Anmol made a conscious decision to forgo placements and pursue his startup, a decision met with initial skepticism but one that is now yielding positive results. His venture, Finlight Ventures Private Limited, operates as a content creation company with his personal brand, 'financebyanmoll,' and the company brand, Finlight. Beyond content creation, the company runs WhatsApp communities, offers courses, and conducts regular workshops.

Recognizing the year-round opportunities in financial and equity markets, Finlight aims to provide valuable insights to its community. Registered as Mutual Fund Distributors, the company is poised for further expansion into product sales, focusing on mutual funds and financial products. The uniqueness of Finlight lies in its loyal community and robust distribution network.

Anmol attributes their success to consistently providing value, gaining trust, and building credibility among the community members. His advice revolves around honesty and authenticity. In a world where the "fake it until you make it" philosophy prevails, Anmol advocates for being honest with oneself. Actions speak louder than words, and the journey to success is best achieved by staying true to one's principles and taking productive steps one day at a time.

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