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Krishna Choudhary | The Entrepreneurs of India Magazine December 2022

Krishna Choudhary, CEO of Way2Advertize, is on a mission to create 50000+ entrepreneurs and financially protect 100 families by 2025. In just one year, Krishna has already succeeded in creating over 15000+ entrepreneurs and financially protecting 550+ families. Despite facing challenges such as limited resources and a lack of funds, Krishna has managed to thrive in the tech industry and grow his business. He has done so by building a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, managing everything on his own, and hiring new teams. Way2Advertize, Krishna's company, has received numerous awards for its work in the e-commerce and financial industries and is a corporate partner of top MNCs in India.

In March 2020, when India experienced a lockdown and financial crunch due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Krishna created a free learning university on YouTube called Ecommerce ki Pathsala to help entrepreneurs, PAN India. Through this platform, Krishna has provided valuable resources and knowledge to those looking to start or grow their own e-commerce businesses. He has made a positive impact on the lives of many individuals and is well on his way to achieving his ambitious goals. "I strongly believe that with positive thinking & mindset, positive actions & efforts are a must to increase the probability of success."

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