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Kamiya Jani | The Entrepreneurs of India Magazine March 2023

Kamiya was working in the media sector for a decade prior to pursuing business. She graduated in journalism from RD National College in Mumbai. She wished to be a news presenter and journalist back then when she secured her first job as a writer at the CNBC Digital arm to write articles about personal finance. One job led to another and finally, she stuck with ET Now for six years. She settled during this time and after establishing a stable work/life balance, she felt the urge to do more. One gets bored of the stability after a while and longs for the adventure of risk.

Inspired by a little fifteen minute segment in her show, she went ahead with the idea of making those fifteen minutes the basis of her content on digital platforms for the sheer fun of it. She began by writing blogs and creating videos. It is with much gratitude to the audience that ‘Curly Tales Digital Media’ can proudly say that the company continues to flourish and prosper. Entrepreneurs are both insane and rational creatures for they have the heart to risk and the mind to make the risk worth its while. People like Kamiya gather up the courage to leave a well-paying decent job and start a new journey with just a mobile phone, tripod and laptop in hand. They have the confidence to prove all those wrong who think working an influencer is not a serious profession. They are aware of their shortcomings and work forward, overlooking all negativity.

The main hindrance Kamiya faced was to manage the workforce and hire trustable employees who were as enthusiastic about the growth of ‘Curly Tales’ as herself. The problem unique to her line of business was that she seldom came in contact with people who thought it worthy of working under other content creators for they could just be one themselves with the touch of a button.

A social media account, does not in most cases need marketing for it sells itself. If the reels, posts or stories catch the eye of the user and lure him/her into following the account’s daily updates and watching its videos then voila, the job here is done! It is a great way to tell your story and create a trademark brand for yourself. Jani might give outdoor marketing a thought in the future but presently, her website and Facebook/Instagram page or YouTube Channel is a big hit.

Curly Tales is India’s leading Food and Travel Content Platform which reaches out to their audience by putting together the best food and travel recommendations. Users watch their videos in expectations of finding something new to do on weekends and brands reach out to them to interact with the audience they have engaged. Their industry acts as a guide where people can plan itineraries for trips and decide the menu for dinner.

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