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How Spread the Muskan became an internet sensation.

Muskan Ranka: “I’ve always been a ‘Camera Friendly’ Person and was always inclined towards Open Mics, Poetry, etc. In June 2019, I’d put up videos showcasing my poems on my personal Instagram handle and would get a fair reach and interaction. Someone told me to make my account, Spread The Muskan public so they could share my videos—I felt appreciated. But unknowing of the fact that such content will snowball in a few years and help me achieve thousands of followers were completely uncertain to me at that point.

When the lockdown started last year, I discovered that I have sufficient time in my hands and I can spend it on creating content—I started getting recognition. Hailing from a small town where many women barely have access to Cell Phones, I wanted to talk about topics like Sex, Failures, Porn, Career Paths, LGBT, etc which takes courage as you are open to a lot of comments. But I feel that these are important topics and need to be discussed. In June last year, I created a video talking about failures and people shared it across and I achieved thousands of views within a week. I was so happy to be getting so many views that I gave a treat to my family. This encouraged me to make more eye-opening videos and touch as many lives as I could.

Then Instagram introduced reels, and my content started exploding. From a few hundred followers, I gained a few thousand, and recently, I crossed a 100k on Instagram.

Getting so much love and recognition changed everything! But more than Love, Satisfaction, and Career, I feel that Spreading the Muskan is a responsibility. I want to use my powers to create concrete impactful changes like focusing on Human Rights, Sexual Assault, Malnutrition, Education, Women Empowerment, etc. I’m always open to helping the needy. For people in need, simply DM me on my 2nd account, Also_Muskan on IG. I’m a firm believer in ‘You get what you put in’ If you put your heart into anything, sooner or later, you will get the return. Keep Trying. After all, what’s bigger than getting what you love?.

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