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Hanspreet Kaur | The Entrepreneurs of India June 2024 Magazine Edition #16

Growing up, Hanspreet was actively involved in school and college events that showcased her communication skills, from anchoring to extempore speaking. Despite her evident talent, she initially struggled to find a field that perfectly aligned with her strengths.

Hanspreet pursued a Bachelor's in English Honours followed by a Master’s in International Relations, enjoying the learning process but still feeling something was missing. After 1.5 years in the corporate sector, Hanspreet realized her passion for public speaking and communication wasn't being fulfilled. She made the bold decision to quit her job and return to her hometown, Chandigarh, to transition into the training industry.

Hanspreet’s first training job was a nightmare, leading her to question her choices. With her father’s support, she quit and faced an existential crisis marked by uncertainty and self-doubt. 

During this period, she upskilled, started an educational Instagram page, and freelanced. Despite financial instability, she felt content and purposeful. Resonate began as a pro-bono initiative in Bengaluru. Relaunched as a business in January, it gained over 30,000 followers in three months, posting regularly and receiving positive feedback. Offering one-on-one sessions on resume building, interview preparation, and spoken English, Resonate provides personalized, judgment-free learning. 

While the training industry is not inherently unique, She believes in the power of innovative techniques and methodologies. Her one-on-one sessions offer a safe space for individuals to learn without judgment, making her approach distinct and impactful. One of the major challenges Hanspreet faced was building credibility. Competing with more experienced trainers, she had to prove her worth. “I needed to believe in my skills and strengths, and I used Instagram to showcase my capabilities,” she says. 

Her dedication to providing quality services and building a strong network helped her overcome initial hurdles. “Good testimonials and reviews are crucial. They build credibility and attract more clients.”

Hanspreet’s family, especially her father, played a vital role in her journey. “My dad’s support allowed me to take risks and follow my dreams without financial worries,” she shares. 

Hanspreet advises discovering your passion and stepping out of your comfort zone. “The first step is difficult, but finding joy in your work is incredibly rewarding. There’s no greater feeling than waking up energized to do what you love and making a living from it,” she concludes.

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