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Gulpreet Kaur | The Entrepreneurs of India Magazine September 2023

The entrepreneurship world, where the pursuit of profit often takes center stage, there exist remarkable individuals like Gulpreet Kaur, whose journey is driven by a profound sense of purpose.

Her journey began in the year 2000 when she embarked on her career as a teacher at a play school. Her modest salary was never the primary motivation; it was a deep-seated desire to contribute significantly to the realm of education, instilled in her by her mother, who served as the Headmistress at Railways High School. Gulpreet's upbringing in the small town of Bondamunda, Odisha, had firmly rooted her in the belief that education held the power to transform lives. "My mother's dedication and impact on students ignited my desire to follow in her footsteps and create a haven for eager students seeking knowledge," She shares.

Early in her teaching career, She faced a critical realization - the importance of patience. Some students found learning challenging, and frustration became a barrier to their progress. It was a pivotal lesson for her. "Patience is the cornerstone of effective teaching," she emphasizes. "Being flexible and adapting teaching methods to suit each student's unique needs is the secret to bringing out their best."

Over the years, Gulpreet honed her teaching skills and, in a career spanning two decades, has enriched the lives of around 100-120 students. Innovation, for Her, means finding imaginative ways to enhance learning and improve her tutoring services continually. One of her most significant innovations came during the COVID-19 pandemic when she seamlessly transitioned from chalkboard teaching to online platforms.

In her journey, Gulpreet has been fortunate to receive unwavering support from her husband and children."In today's world, family support is indispensable for budding entrepreneurs," she affirms. "It's about understanding their aspirations, providing emotional backing, and even offering practical assistance when needed."

Over the years, She faced her fair share of challenges, particularly in guiding students struggling with fundamental reading and writing skills. Additionally, she embraced the challenge of teaching Hindi to Afghan refugees without any cost, a profoundly honorable but demanding endeavor.

Gulpreet's entrepreneurial journey revolves around educating students from first to tenth grade.

As she aptly puts it, "Growth in this field takes time—don't expect instant results. Stay patient, approach your profession with humility, and stay committed. Your efforts will eventually bear fruit."

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