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Gopi D | The Entrepreneurs of India Selfmade Magazine November 2022

During Gopi’s childhood, he was financially supported by few small entrepreneurs for developing his career. This inspired him to start his entrepreneurial journey and give back to people which may not have been possible in a salaried job. In the beginning it was difficult to establish a brand and provide the desired product quality to customers but with the due course of time, he got the hang of it.

With experience came knowledge, and following are few pieces of advice Gopi has to give to other aspiring businessmen and entrepreneurs. In order to earn trust and create contacts, it is crucial to develop networking, interpersonal and communication skills. “Mutual trust between employers and employees is the key to success in any organization.”He is a certified welding trainer from Japan and owns a company called ‘Brindavana Engineers.’ They are qualified welders with twenty-three years of rich experience. Theirs is an ISO 9001 certified company in MS Fabication.

Gopi believes that all self-made entrepreneurs should be aware of the 3Ps: Passion- to start, Perfection- to implement, and Patience- to get results. He suggests everyone open the window, look outside and see for yourself the opportunities that await you.