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From Reporter to Empowerment Champion: The Inspiring Journey of Priyanka Banerjee....

In 2019, Priyanka Banerjee decided to start her own company, leaving behind her role as an entertainment reporter for a TV channel. The onset of the pandemic in 2020 presented a formidable challenge, as she faced the lockdown while being the sole breadwinner for her family. Despite these obstacles, she launched PR Junction, organizing uncut interviews and promoting various businesses on a modest budget. Additionally, she provided digital marketing and media coverage services at affordable rates and initiated Sharad Samman with minimal sponsorship. This enabled small businesses to advertise economically and allowed people confined at home to watch Durga Puja pandal on TV.

Her inspiration to become an entrepreneur stemmed from her uncle, a businessman who raised her after her father's death just three days after her birth. He imparted the belief that business offers individuality and autonomy. His words and his role as her ideal man motivated Priyanka to pursue her entrepreneurial dreams.

The journey after becoming an entrepreneur was fraught with initial demotivation from some family members. However, Priyanka remained steadfast, focusing on her business and tailoring services to meet the needs and capabilities of her clients. She ensured that many clients could access their services within their suitable budgets by providing guidance that would benefit them.

Priyanka believes that understanding and seeing oneself in the client is essential to providing the best service.

Through her entrepreneurial journey, Priyanka learned the importance of risk-taking and the role of business in creating one's identity. She emphasized the significance of team and time management and recognized the critical role of marketing in building a successful business. According to Priyanka, strong marketing foundations are crucial for business success.

While PR Junction may not have received formal awards, it has gained recognition and a strong reputation by working with many reputable companies. This acknowledgment is a testament to the company's dedication and excellence.

She believes that the primary goal should be to increase the amount of work each year compared to the previous year, continually striving for growth and improvement.

Priyanka is committed to providing opportunities for women who are eager to work and build a better future for themselves.

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