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Founder of High Dimension Management Consulting, Mr. Nitin Singh, shares his entrepreneuria journey!

Nitin Singh: Somewhere deep down I always wanted to do something of my own. Though as a child I was not certain to become an entrepreneur. I was extremely fascinated looking at how the big leaders manage not only to sustain themselves but also run the home of the ones associated with them as employees.

I wanted to pursue my career as an entrepreneur when I thought my ideas were not given due consideration by the organization. However, the ideas given by me to my clients were happily accepted, appreciated, and properly implemented.

It’s been a roller coaster ever since I planned to be an entrepreneur. Right from starting my journey during the covid times, few friends who were against quitting my well-paying job, and then from having covid myself, to people not willing to meet so sales calls, as well as being supported by old clients and to now when I have more clients.

The biggest challenge I faced was not keeping faith in myself and having a feeling that I might go wrong. But slowly and gradually I learned that I can only grow and learn if I did what I believed in, even if it meant failing. I stopped being afraid of failures.

My biggest achievement has been to start believing in myself and building an appetite for taking calculative risks to ensure my growth.

We, High Dimension Management Consulting, are a management consulting company. We assist our clients to attain professional growth and create identity in front of their potential clients, employees, and relevant stakeholders. We do this by way of understanding the depth and size of their business and organizing its business operations so that we can take it to the next level.

Ours is a young organization with heaps of professional experience, to create a strategy to fulfill your vision. We also help entrepreneurs overcome routine operational challenges. Our vision is to create the Right Path of Business Identity and our mission is to accelerate their growth.

Visit to know more.

You can connect with me by email at and over WhatsApp at +91 8980441800

All i have to say is Do what you say…Say what you do and see where it gets you.

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