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Entrepreneur Biswadeep Paul’s odyssey from Airline Industry to Interior Design!

Biswadeep Paul, the founder of Spacopedia, hails from the small town of Coochbehar in northern West Bengal. Starting his career at 18, he spent seven years in the airline industry and several more in corporate real estate. Feeling the urge to create something of his own, he took a bold step during the COVID-19 pandemic. On July 6th, 2020, he quit his job, and within 17 days, Spacopedia was born on July 23rd, 2020. The very next day, they secured their first project.

Every day brings new lessons for an entrepreneur. One critical lesson Biswadeep learned the hard way was the importance of documented communication with clients. In the early days, verbal agreements sometimes led to unpaid dues. This experience underscored the need for proper documentation, contracts, and transparent payment structures, balancing trust with careful business practices.

Biswadeep's background in the service industry instilled in him the value of quality service. Spacopedia aims to deliver the best-in-class service at affordable prices, making dream homes accessible to everyone.

The smile and satisfaction on the faces of their first clients—a newly married couple—validated their approach and set the tone for Spacopedia's commitment to excellence. Initially, family support was skeptical, but their faith in Biswadeep’s resilience kept him motivated. He advises families to support their children's entrepreneurial dreams, as belief and backing can make a significant difference.

Spacopedia specializes in interior designing and execution, transforming client visions into reality with meticulous planning, creative designs, and high-quality craftsmanship. Their comprehensive services include consultations, space planning, material selection, and project oversight, ensuring functional and aesthetically pleasing environments tailored to client needs. What inspires Biswadeep most in his entrepreneurial journey is witnessing the transformation of spaces and exceeding client expectations. Positive feedback and client satisfaction drive his passion and commitment. The continuous learning and growth in his field fuel his motivation to innovate and excel.

He advises to the pursuing passions with determination and resilience, embracing continuous learning, and adapting to new challenges. Success comes from hard work, creativity, and learning from setbacks. 

He conveys one to stay true to your values and passions, as they will guide you through challenges and lead to genuine success and fulfillment.

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