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Embark on Dr. Renita Rajan's transformative journey, where innovation meets holistic care in the world of skin and hair. Discover the evolution of CHOSEN by Dermatology and redefining beauty standards

Dr. Renita Rajan, as the Curator of CHOSEN by Dermatology and Medical Director of RENDER Skin and Hair, she has crafted a remarkable journey that transcends the boundaries of traditional dermatology and ventures into the realm of holistic skin and hair care ecosystems. Her journey began with the intention of offering a premium shopping experience within RENDER, their dermatology practice.

However, the winds of change during the COVID era led to a remarkable evolution.

Driven by robust clinical Research and Development (R&D), CHOSEN transformed into a comprehensive online platform, delivering high-performance products that cater to the holistic well-being of individuals. Dr. Renita’s insights from the entrepreneurial journey emphasize the importance of embracing change. She reflects on the illusionary nature of defining finite endpoints, a mindset she attributes to her academic background as a doctor. Her journey taught her the necessity of fluidity and adaptation in the ever-shifting terrain of entrepreneurship. Another crucial lesson learned was the need for clear and unapologetic communication about achievements. She advocates for transparency, especially for women entrepreneurs, urging them to articulate their successes without reservation.

Behind every successful entrepreneur is a support system, and she highlights the significance of emotional and moral support from her family. She stresses the importance of acknowledging and appreciating both monetary and non-monetary contributions, fostering a culture of mutual recognition.

In a tech-centric era, Dr. Renita advocates for increased social interaction among children, emphasizing the development of interpersonal skills essential for entrepreneurship. She also underscores the importance of solitude for introspection, a skill vital for cultivating a learning mindset. Her success is a testament to the journey rather than a destination.

She emphasizes the need to create solutions that address current needs while remaining adaptable and sustainable for the future. Her success story intertwines extraordinary client support, effective teamwork, timely technological integration, diligent R&D, and invaluable mentorship. Time management remains a persistent challenge, and she shares how focus on key areas and a pioneering reputation has propelled her business forward. The recruitment and training of the right people play a pivotal role, with shared leadership ensuring continuous progress.

At its core, her businesses are dedicated to enhancing individuals' comfort with their appearance and performance. Through a combination of aesthetic treatments and DIY home care, RENDER and CHOSEN provide comprehensive ecosystems for skin and hair health, enabling individuals to achieve realistic and visible goals.

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