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Dr. Priyasi Das is offering a platform for talented individuals.

Dr. Priyasi Das: “I never thought of becoming an Entrepreneur. While completing my college l, I saw many aspiring talented people. But due to a lack of opportunities, they stopped themselves from fulfilling their goals. So I came up with an idea of a venture which will help aspiring talents to get themselves recognized via various resources.

I started writing when I was 16. Writing has always been a soul healer for me. Earlier I used to struggle to get my book published by submitting my manuscript to various publication houses. Then I saw a massive difference in publishing packages which were not at all worth it. I co-authored more than 48 Anthologies and wasted a lot of money. That is when I decided to create my venture, which will be reliable and pocket-friendly for every aspiring author. This is how PWP came to my mind. It has been 1 year since PWP is giving beautiful service to the community.

Priya's Wisdom Publication or PWP is a Co-Company of M/S Barnali Enterprise, registered under Govt. Of West Bengal. PWP provides various services like Book Publishing, Book Marketing, PR, Award Organizing &, etc.

Our services are very reliable and pocket-friendly. We charge very minimal for every service and try to maintain complete professionalism.

You can reach us here:

My biggest challenge was to save my father from COVID-19. My father had almost every kind of symptom. I didn't want him to suffer anymore. So I wore my PPE Kit, didn't fear for anything, and took good care of him by giving proper medications with the doctor's suggestions. I monitored every symptom of him, and also I followed up on my Journal. This is how I created my thesis and research. I got my Doctorate in Literature after my COVID-19 study, and I also wrote a reality-based book on COVID-19 titled "Phases of COVID-19", an Amazon Bestselling book, National and World Record holder winning book.

If we don't struggle, we won't get success. By hard work and determination, we get success and appreciation. So don't stop yourself and have faith in your efforts.”

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