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Dr. Gunjan Shukla | The Entrepreneurs of India Selfmade Magazine November 2022

Academician, Researcher, and Mentor Having 14 yrs of teaching experience. Winner Mrs. Madhya Pradesh in Mrs. India one in a million 2021, Tiska pageant. She has received several accolades for her work, academics, and curricular activities. A marathoner, cyclist, Trained Classical dancer, poet, and astrologer. Loves to motivate and mentor students for a positive and peaceful life. Wanting to be independent, Dr. Gunjan loves to teach and started her 1st startup, a play school named Intellect Play School with 5 kids, based on the holistic development of kids. Later in 2009 onwards, joined as an assistant professor at an institute. It was her dream to make students job creators rather than job seekers.

Then in 2015, living in a society in Gurugram, she got an appreciation for her handmade sweets. And this motivated her to start her business Of making handmade laddu and delivering in her surroundings. She used to prepare laddu, dry fruits, Gond laddu, Rag, besan, and multigrain with flax seeds. Being a university topper and gold medalist in P.G. She believes in taking a stand for women and never giving up. She also completed her M.phil and doctorate in Finance.

She believes people have skills but they need mentoring and motivation to get clarity about idea generation, project plans, pitching ideas, execution of business, and resolving issues of the business. One should have a positive attitude, be updated, understand trends, and focus on innovation and creativity.

She plans to contribute to the development of society and women's empowerment, mentor women to establish businesses, and teach the youth for the betterment of the country. One message for other budding entrepreneurs is “No matter what, never-give-up in life, whatever life brings to you always say LOVE YOU ZINDAGI. Always stay happy and count your blessings, stop complaining and start living”.

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